Artemis Restaurant

" I have travelled in 62 countries , I have eaten at the best restaurants anyone can find and I declare that the quality and variety of dishes offered at "ARTEMIS " surpass all these experiences."

John Garrett, photographer and writer
John Pilgers closest collegue


Artemis restaurant

In the restful shade of a rich greenery, our guests can enjoy traditional Cretan food and also specialities such as local goat and lamb meat from the mountains.
We follow old recipes from this region and the specialities are usually prepared in clay pots over charcoal or open fire.
Whenever the weather conditions allow it we also have fresh fish from the Libyan sea . The fish soup we serve is much appreciated and brings the smell of the sea right onto your table.

Roussos Viglis by the traditional open fire cooking place

Not only are we able to offer you many different kinds of wine, but our pure Cretan wine comes directly from the barrel.

There are a lot of things that you may want to try and taste when you visit us, such as the thyme honey from our own bees, served with yoghurt or Sfakian pita.

Naturally we prefer to use local products such as olive oil, vegetables, lamb and goat meat, cheese, feta, wine, fruit and honey.
We also offer a variety of vegetarian dishes.

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